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Backdoor.Tidserv!kmem – Description and Prevention

Threat Type: Trojan Horse

Ranking:               N/A

Threat Level: Severe

Systems Affected: Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


Backdoor.Tidserv!kmem Description

Backdoor.Tidserv!kmem is a generic detection used to detect threats associated with the Backdoor.Tidserv family of threats. This terrible backdoor Trojan is typically distributed using a number of means common to many other well-known threats. Namely it has been observed to be spread by fake blogs rigged with URLs to sensational videos that “must be seen” or bogus blog or forum comments with similar baits. The Trojan may also be found in fake Torrent files and P2P downloads, cracks and warez Web sites, and also hacked legitimate and fake Web sites rigged with exploits for various vulnerabilities allowing for what is known as a “drive-by download” to occur.

The Backdoor.Tidserv!kmem has been designed with profit-making as its primary objective. Once infiltrated, this tidserv infection may redirect users to sites that … Read more